Throughout my installation work, I am most interested in a body’s exploration of a particular space, whether that is a digital space or a physical space. Such systems can be open or closed, yet in both types, the body is influenced by interaction, feedback, and spontaneity. The spaces that I create explore these particular experiences, relying primarily on types of digital feedback through motion and sound. The final result of my work is a digital visualization of these particular experiences, mostly depicting the motion that results from the interactions of the users of the space.


With 2D media, I am fascinated with exploring color and mark-making, particularly regarding the narrative of form throughout a composition. Reflective of my digital installation work, each mark “plays” within a space, producing a final visualization that mimics this anthropomorphic exploration. My background in psychology primarily drives my paintings and drawings, which seek to illustrate my interpretations of human cognition and behavior as well as my own mental byproduct. In my future work, I seek to work digitally to create systems and wearable technologies that further explore human-computer interaction as well as human-computer-space interactions.

Beginning in the fall of 2019, I will be attending UC Santa Barbara for my PhD in Media Arts and Technology.

Photo taken by Courtney Zanetti.





Tel: 214-218-5690

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